Posted by: txaggiechick | May 26, 2009

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a whole 4 days since my last post. And oh boy have I not missed you. Not once. Okay. Maybe a little bit. But I have had an amazing weekend. Through the awesome support of my friends and family, I was able to cross one more item off my bucket list. I competed and completed my first Adventure Race! Check out the video below. I couldn’t have accomplished so much without the amazing support of the Moxy Pucks team. Jim, Rob, and Darin rock my socks and so much more. Through their tireless effort and support, we were able to finish in 13 hours to be rewarded with steaks and fantastic beer. I don’t think a Lone Star ever tasted sooo very good. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. After crossing this off my list, I realize that I really can do anything. The world is my oyster and I’m the pearl. Yes. I even nasceate myself sometimes with my cheeriness.

Okay I know you’re dying to hear the synopsis. So here goes:

The first leg started out with us getting wet. Yes. We were drenched most of the day. Soaked. Stinky. Sweaty. I can alliterate. Who knew? We had an inner tube relay across the river.Leg 2 was a 9 mile Mountain bike section to be immediately followed with the big water slide and climbing the Iceberg and swimming. We made up some massive time with the ingenious efforts of our navigator through the hiking portion. Then had an awesome time working through the hike/bike trek section, the dirt section where my scooter filled up with mud. Our luck wasn’t 100% as we didn’t go far enough west for our last checkpoint before the final checkpoint. We were soo close. Yet so far. Eventually with the help of other teams, we were able to find it and complete our mission. Looking back over the weekend, I can honestly tell you I’ve never learned so much. I had some great teachers and it was an awesome experience. So who’s going to do the next one with me? You know you wanna. Oh and I gotta give some mad props to the people who put on this competition, too cool racing.

So again… who’s with me for the next one? You know you wanna!



  1. congrats

  2. I can come to take photos:)

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