Posted by: txaggiechick | July 8, 2009

Updates and Stuff

I know. I have been poorly treating you my dear readers. Mea Culpa. And not really for a good reason. I’ve been working hard on some new blogging projects that have taken all of my writing time outside of work. And to be honest, I’m Loving it! (thank you mickey d’)

I’m working on a few new projects as an intern, contributor, and editor for various travel magazines and blogging sites. And I’ll be posting more about them when my contributions start to manifest moola.

In other news, I have successfully gotten off of caffeine. Well at least I’m not NEARLY as dependent upon it as I was before. How you ask? Well that’s my trade secret but I’ll divulge that it’s taken some slow process steps by first totally eliminating Diet Dr. Pepper from my diet. Yes that stuff that I’m soo addicted to. Then I substituted that with iced tea. Now I’ve eliminated all artificial sweeteners including Splenda. And to be honest, I like drinking water. I still drink iced tea but fresh, ice-cold water is so refreshing, especially after a nice long run. Oh and I rewarded myself today with a new pair of tennis shoes! Can’t wait to get back on the trails after being sick for the past couple of days! Wahoo.

Then in other other news, I close on my house in 2 weeks. I can’t freaking WAIT! I picked out colors and am all ready to go. It should be fantastic. OH! and if you remember this post about stars, I’ve already started pricing LED lit ceiling panels. I’ve got a plan! Don’t worry you’ll get an invite to the multiple house parties that we’re throwing! Should be fun times… had by all.


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