Posted by: txaggiechick | September 8, 2009

Oh the joys of home ownership

I know! I haven’t posted in forever. You are so right. I have been neglecting you. Mea Culpa.

So the joys of home ownership continue. I’ve already won a war with the dishwasher. The arm will now stay in place and victory is mine! This week’s work revolved around a much greater arch nemesis, the dryer. Buit circa 1942, the washer dryer combo left by the previous owner leaves little to be desired. BUT, they work. Well kinda. When you do the prayer and rain dance around them. Ho – ya Ho – ya. But the dryer doesn’t dry for the life of it. Well it didn’t. Until SuperMetalchick intervened to save the day! Note: No power tools were harmed in this process.

When I noticed the dryer wasn’t drying, I asked around a bit. See! A girl can learn! And I was told that it’s possible the lint vent might be clogged. So yesterday I investigated a little more closely only to discover that indeed, it was full of straw!?! Once the straw was removed, the drying took on a likeness of having sheets that felt hot as the Sarhara Desert. Much goodness goes out to all those who helped out in my time of need.

Lint Vent Blockage

Lint Vent Blockage

In other news, I recently became a published author! I was recently paid for my first online writing assignment. This project is what’s taken me away from posting more regularly here. But no worries. I’m renewing my interest in all of my blogs! So stay tuned! Changes are a coming. And remember… life’s a journey and only you hold the map! So go off the beaten path! Hugs!


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