Posted by: txaggiechick | October 4, 2009

On the road again…

Well really I’m in flight again. Otherwise it might take me a little while longer to arrive here in London. So you guessed it, I’m in London again. And this time around it’s really great. While London hasn’t changed very much at all, I certainly have. It’s become apparent just how much I’ve changed by coming back to London. I am much happier today than I was back then. And I’m keeping that forward momentum going. I have literally gotten rid of the most toxic relationships in my life and freed myself from anything that might possibly bring me down. It’s allowed me to be open to new things. It’s amazing.

Enough on the serious stuff. You should see my journals if you want the deep intimate details but I’m not going there. My flight to London was pretty routine. I was delighted to have a working video entertainment system and the man next to me who didn’t snore. It was a pretty routine flight. Pre-flight however was anything but routine. As many of you know, I’m trying to just meet new people so I’m practicing making eye contact and saying a friendly hi to all sorts of random people. Thursday I met the most hilarious person. I went to the duty free store to purchase a bottle of scotch ($20 for a single malt.. hell to the yes!) when I encountered this guy who we’ll call LiquorSam. LiquorSam was in charge of selling said scotch as it was on special and was hosting tastings in the duty free store. And boy was he scotched!

DFW was actually pretty slow for a Thursday and so I literally had little escape from his ministrations. LiquorSam gave me a free tasting of scotch and continued to regale me with his lifelong dreams. He told me about his failed relationships, his failure to remember his cell phone (as he wanted my number… after telling me he can’t stay faithful… uhm yeah… it’s a good thing I know the Papa Johns delivery number for Dallas just in case), and then he went on to tell me about his dreams. LiquorSam tells me how very logical he is. He then goes on to tell me that while his day job is to sell scotch at the duty free store in DFW, he’s really destined to do something great with his life and starts profiling all of the customers in the store. He wants to be a logistics analyst for the US government but his inability to keep his mouth shut keeps getting in his way. You would think this conversation took hours? No. this string of intimate details comes out within 15 minutes. In fact, my brother was texting me during the conversation and I wasn’t paying attention to half of it but I did have to excuse myself before he started in on the service men who had entered. It was here that I made the excuse that my plane was boarding and fled. I told him to keep chasing his dream. It certainly made me think twice about drinking too much scotch so he’s making a positive impact on life after all!

I promise to post more while I’m away. I have been posting to my health and travel blogs too. Look for more articles at Matador. I’m really loving it! Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the story about my 3 hour walk in Hyde Park including a bit of a nekkid surprise… so stay tuned.



  1. LOL. LiqourSam sounds like a fun guy to me! And what a fun job he has! Drink as much scotch as you can at your job. Talk to gorgeous women and get their phone numbers. Pretend the customers are your therapist and share everything with them. If you sell some scotch meanwhile, great!

    Have lots of fun in London. Can’t wait to read your next post.

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