Posted by: txaggiechick | October 26, 2009

Starting Again…

Mel’s great post today summed it up pretty well. She mentioned that the rain was very similar to a purification and allows you to start over. Today’s rain certainly has that sort of feeling to it. It’s really purifying. Today I realized that I just want to start living my best life again which means finding some place to volunteer and give back, be healthier and recenter my energies around great, positive influences. I feel as though I’ve lost connection with myself lately …  my true self. It’s time to begin again and of course I can’t resist dancing in the rain.

I also realized that my health and fitness goals are within reach. They’re absolutely positively possible.  I’ve already accomplished one thing that a few months ago everyone who knows me would have deemed impossible. I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper. Haven’t had a drop since June 21. It’s amazing but positive, life changes do occur and people can change. I’m living proof. So now I just have to keep the forward progress going. So I sat down tonight and planned out all of my meals and workouts for the rest of the week. It makes it easier to stick to! Now it’s back to basics of eating right and exercising… and dancing. Anyone want to take dance classes with me? Any form or medium… I’m all for it.

Life’s like Texas Aggie Football…. Good, bad, or really ugly, it’ll always surprise you. Can’t believe we actually won in Lubbock over the weekend. I am still in shock even more so than the horrid loss we suffered against Kansas State. Talk about unpredictable! Crazy Aggies. Trix are for Kids.

In other news, I’m writing again. It feels good. Stay tuned for some great fiction 🙂 I have a very active imagination!


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