Posted by: txaggiechick | March 8, 2011

Lenten Promise

It started on Monday. I was curious. My mind was disconnected from work from friends and from life in general. I had an extreme bout of apathy. Getting back on track and away from the numbness drowning me is not going to be easy. Similar to years previous, I have decided to give something up for Lent.

I would love to tell you that I began the Lenten promise years ago to reconnect spiritually. Or because of my devote religious beliefs. But that is not true. I started giving something up for Lent because I went to Catholic school and I was still desperately insecure and wanting to fit in. Always seeming to fall just outside the inner circles, I didn’t want yet another thing separating me from them. It’s only in recent years that I started using the Lenten promise for its intended purpose. Conincidentally it aligns a lot with a renewed sense of self and security. Weird huh?

So this year is a little different. I’m at a loss for what to give up. This year I’ve already given up caffeine, namely Diet Dr. Pepper,  my arch nemesis and haunting mistress. I started back in yoga and quit my job to refocus my energy on my friends and family. Okay okay. Quitting my job also had a lot to do with allowing my gypsy soul to be sated with endless possibilities of travel and untold riches of renewed relationships and friendships. But that hasn’t helped me really identify what to give up for Lent. I’ve given up so many of my demons and clarified my sense of purpose in the process. 

At a last resort, I posted my question not to the all knowing Magic 8 ball but to my adoring friends and family on Facebook. And their responses never failed to amuse and enlighten me. Responses range from giving up sobriety and Lent to more serious suggestions of giving up the Internet. 2 people even suggested giving up Facebook. Woah. Not sure if I’m quite there yet but thanks for the anxiety attack. Albeit giving up sobriety would be a fruitful endevor, I ultimately landed on something that serves two mistresses, renewing my connectedness to spirit and giving me more free time to explore. After my mind tumbled around like clothes in a dryer, I landed upon television.

For me, television is my default boredom avoidance system. It’s usually on even when I’m doing other things, a backdrop to my otherwise adventurous life. So I’m curious to explore how I might react. Will I miss it? I doubt it. Will I be inspired to create my own stories? Probably since I already do that but who knows what craziness is going to come out of this mind. Will I be more at peace? Will that restlessness in me be quelled? Who knows?

And so here I go. No more television until Easter. I unplugged it before leaving for Houston. I wonder how much I might save on my electricity bill? I’m actually looking forward to the challenge. It should prove enlightening. Who knows where this adventure is going to end up?

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Happy Mardi Gras


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